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rowmuse films japan: filmmaker roger walch’s site

The Children’s Home Fujinosono - A New Beginning in Japan after the Earthquake (2012)

A video for MALTESER INTERNATIONAL (the worldwide relief agency for humanitarian aid). This version is in German, but there are also English and French versions. Filmed and edited by Roger Walch

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Kokyu (Music Video, 2012)

Music & Lyrics: AkaiHirume
Filmed and directed by Roger Walch
(Tokyo, 2012)

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Interview with Roger Walch

ARCHIMEDIUM Japan interviewed me in summer 2011 about my work as a filmmaker in Japan.

Interview” from Roger Walch on Vimeo.

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Visit Rowmuse Films at:

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Aftermath (2011)

Aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami:
A compilation of shots I took in Ishinomaki and Minami Sanriku (Japan) between April 11 and 16, 2011 - about one month after the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Aftermath” from Roger Walch on Vimeo.

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Music Video “Karakurenai ni”

A Music Video for a traditional Japanese Music Trio. The title of the song is “Karakurenai ni”, performed and composed by Hayashi Tetsuji (Sho - mouth organ), Deguchi Kourei (Ryuteki flute) and Sakakibara Akiko (piano). Dancer: Narumi Himeko.
Photographed, edited and directed by Roger Walch (Video Camera: Sony PMW-EX1)

Music Video “Karakurenai ni” from Roger Walch on Vimeo.

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Kyoto Covered in Snow

Kyoto Covered in Snow (J 2011, HD)
A very rare treat: Kyoto covered in snow on the last day of 2010 and the first day of 2011.

Kyoto Covered in Snow” from Roger Walch on Vimeo.

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Children of Water (Trailer)

Children of Water (J 2010, 51 min, HD)
After one year in an ESL-course in the US, Mina (a Japanese graphic designer) returns to Kyoto and discovers that she is pregnant. She contemplates abortion, but her American boyfriend Brad strongly opposes and flies to Japan to convince her to keep the baby. During his stay he not only gets to know life and customs in Japan but also different moral and religious values.

Children of Water - Trailer” from Roger Walch on Vimeo.

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References & Clients

- Aichi Expo Japan (Documentary Film about the sister city relationship between Neuchatel, Switzerland, and Shinshiro, Japan. Aired on Tokai TV, Japan and TVO, Switzerland)

- City of Shinshiro, Japan (Educational Video)

- REC production audiovisuel, Geneva (Documentary about Japanese horse archery. Aired on FR3, France)

- bb Film Berlin, Germany (Concert Video / Footage for the DVD “IZU - Tangerine Dream live in Japan 2009″)

- Super Station Inc., Osaka (TV Commercial for Hotel Granvia Kyoto)

- Workaholic Productions, Inc., USA (Footage for a documentary on Discovery Channel about the Japanese island “Gunkanjima”)

- ELCRIC Inc, Tokyo (Educational Video for Disaster Prevention Center)

- Monkey Music, Switzerland (Music Video for band “Mizan”)

- Kodai-ji and Kennin-ji Temple, Kyoto (Promotional Video)

- 17juin media, France (TV documentary and TV reports for French TV Channel FRANCE 5)

- Malteser International, Germany (PR Video and Documentary, aired on German TV Channels MDR and RTL)

- Scientifilms, France (Report for TV Channel FR5)

- JF Tours, Germany (PR Video for Japan)

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On KBS TV (Japan, June 2009)

The screening of TENGU in Kyoto was featured in a scoop on KBS TV and aired on June 9 (in Japanese).

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Documentary - Sword Drawing Ceremony

Short documentary about a Sword Drawing Ceremony at Daizenji Temple in Shinshiro (Japan) to commemorate the fallen in the Battle of Nagashino (1575). Iai by Naohiko Hayakawa. Sword and armour are original items from the Kamakura and Muromachi period. The sword (tachi) is more than 700 years old. The ceremony took place on May 23, 2009 in Shinshiro (Aichi Prefecture). Filmed and edited by Roger Walch.

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スイス、サンクト・ガレン生まれ(1965)、チューリッヒ大学で日本学、民俗学を専攻、修士取得。民俗学研究の際にH.U. Schlumpf監督(チューリッヒ)から記録映画制作を学び、日本でも金井勝監督(イメージフォーラム映像研究所、東京)のもとで16ミリ映画制作を学ぶ。スイスで2年間、館長としてスイスのインディーズ映画館を経営する。1998年来日以来、映画監督や映像作家として活動しており、自作映画はスイスと日本の映画祭で上映される。2000年京都グランビアホテルのCM制作、2001年、スイステレビ局の記録映画「Nippons Wunderdosen」に参加。短編劇映画「誘惑2」は2005年2月、大阪CO2映画祭でノミネート作品になる。2005年9月、スイス代表として制作した記録映画「一滴の水、やがて大河をなす」は愛知万博のフレンドシップ・フィルム・フェスティバルで奨励賞を受賞、後にスイスのテレビでも放送される。近年では長編映画「天狗」(2009年)、「Children of Water」(2010年)を監督。現在、フランス・ドイツ・スイステレビのカメラマンとして日本の記録映画やTVスクープを撮影。フォークシンガー・俳優三上寛の記録映画も撮影中。

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TENGU (J 2009)

TENGU (J 2009, 63 min)

Written and directed by Roger Walch

Starring: Ted Taylor, Mimori Sento (Firefly Dreams), Sakiko Ikegami, Kan Mikami (Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, Tokyo Decadence

Music: Kan Mikami (Guitar/Vocals), Takatora Kawamoto (Shamisen), Silvain Kyokusai Guignard (Biwa), Shino Nagasaka/Kumiko Itoyama (Double Bass), Taro Matsumoto (Shakuhachi), Roger Walch (piano)

- Interview with Roger Walch in Kansai Time Out Magazine 03/2009

- Tengu (Film Review by Australian film critic Miles Hitchcock)

Go to the Tengu Homepage

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Rowmuse Films (Roger Walch)

45-7 Ushiwaka-cho, Shichiku, Kita-ku,

J-603-8207 Kyoto (Japan)


mail (at)

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Samurai Spirit and Japanese Sword Art in the 21st Century

A Visit to the Headquarters of Shin Shin Ryu Iaijutsu

Are terms like “Bushido” and “Samurai Spirit” still relevant in the 21st century?
The Japanese headmaster (Yamada Yoshitaka Soke), his son (Yamada Toshiyasu) and the International head instructor of Shin Shin Ryu Iaijutsu, Carl McClafferty, talk about tradition, responsibility and the future of their art and demonstrate their skills. A rare glimpse behind the doors of the Shin Shin Ryu Iaijutsu headquarters in the Japanese mountains and an insight into traditional Japanese martial arts. Totally different from modern Kendo, whose emphasis is on acquiring titles and rank, Shin Shin Ryu has the objective of studying spiritual and philosophical subjects, such as “Body, Mind, and Technique are One” and “The Harmony of All Things.”

Samurai Spirit and Japanese Sword Art in the 21st Century - Trailer” from Roger Walch on Vimeo.

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Why Rowmuse Films?

- Based in Japan for more than 14 years, we speak and write fluent Japanese

- Full HD Video Shooting/Operating in PAL or NTSC (using Sony PMW-EX1 & Canon EOS 7D)

- Experienced Content Producer for TV (see our References)

- Location Hunting & Consulting - especially for the Kansai area (Kyoto-Osaka-Nara)

- Interpreting (from and to Japanese, English, German and French)

- Excellent local and cultural knowledge (MA degree in “Japanese Studies”)

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About Roger Walch

Roger obtained his MA degree in Japanese Studies and Social Anthropology from the University of Zurich (Switzerland) in 1997. He studied documentary filmmaking with Swiss director H.U. Schlumpf in Zurich and 16 mm filmmaking with Japanese director Katsu Kanai at the Image Forum Institute in Tokyo.
Before coming to Japan, Roger worked as a movie theatre manager for an arthouse cinema in St.Gallen, Switzerland, and wrote film-related articles for a cultural magazine.

Roger directed his first short-film Yuwaku 1 in 2002. Yuwaku 2 (21 min) was nominated for the Best Picture Award at the CO2 Short-Film Festival 2005 in Osaka. The documentary film Even a large River starts with a Drop of Water won the Friendship Prize at the International Documentary Film Festival of the Aichi Expo 2005 in Japan and was broadcasted by Japanese and Swiss TVstations.

In 2006 Roger was invited to show his art video Teahouse of a Homeless Prince at the Festival du The (Tea Festival) in Paris, France. In 2007 he was commissioned to make a documentary about Japanese photographer Iwaki Tadao. Roger finished a 63 minute long narrative feature film called Tengu (starring Ted Taylor, Mimori Sento and legendary Japanese actor/singer Kan Mikami) in early 2009. In 2010 the narrative “Children of Water” (51 min) followed.

In the past couple of years Roger has been operating the camera for several TV documentaries and reports. He also shot and directed a couple of music videos.

Roger Walch on Vimeo

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A lot of exciting projects are in the pipeline for 2012:

On the Road with Mikami Kan - a concert and road movie with and about well-known singer/songwriter/actor Kan Mikami.

Japan’s Last Samurais - a documentary about contemporary Japanese swordsmen. What does it mean to be a samurai in the 21st century? Do the Samurai spirit and the soul of the Samurai sword still fit into modern day Japan? A film about lost values and the struggle of traditional sword schools to find worthy successors.

French TV Documentary I was asked to operate the camera for a French documentary about the situation in North-Eastern Japan one year after the earthquake.

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